Did you know it’s a time of PEACE.

5 Dec


So I’m Fanny, one of the trainees from Ikea-land:). I just love how Ben calls this the new street corner. I hope that’s what it’ll be! I am really excited to share about my life, my thoughts and why I am doing what I am doing being a Salvation Army Officer trainee. 

In Sweden we have a different way of training to become Officers (leaders) in the Salvation Army compared to most countries. We are at Training College one week a month and the rest of the month we are at a local corps in a city where we also live. We do three days field work at the corps, and three days of home studying. 

So with that said: Today I am home studying. And blogging. And reflecting. Eating one or two saffron biscotti.

Christmas. It’s a special time of the year for a lot of people. A happy time, a time of excitement and joy…a time of traditions and getting together.

Christmas is a special time for Salvation Army aswell. This time of the year we meet a lot of people not too excited about Christmas. Christmas brings anxiety to a lot of people and Christmas hurt. Christmas is a time of loneliness and a time of expectations not being lived up too. The list could go on.

You know, this makes me really upset. We are fooled into to believing Christmas is something it’s not! I believe that this is what’s making Christmas so loaded with feelings. It turns into a war zone for so many people, and that hurt me so much. That’s not what it is suppose to do.

One of the reasons I am in this, in training to become a Salvation Army officer, is so that I could be part of showing the real meaning of Christmas (as I believe it). Because that could be shown all year around.

Did you know that Christmas is about God choosing to come to this earth as a person? To reach to the heart of each and one of us. Not some people but to EVERYONE. 

If you stop, and reflect upon that, that’s one great Christmas message. It’s amazing. It’s real. I mean, God choose to send Jesus to this earth, as a person, like you and me. Just because He loves us so very much. That’s a message of peace.

He came to give us the oppurtunity to have a relationship with God. To be raised up again, to be loved, to be able to love,  to be cherished, to be 100% thoose he planned for us to be, to help us look in the mirror and appreciate what we see, to see ourselves and each other with full value. He came with peace.

It makes me so upset that Christmas for so many is not peace, but war. It’s a war of alcohol, a war of children with tummy ache, a war of people being lonely, a war of people with pressure, of people running around chasing presents and good food to catch the perfect Christmas.

Jesus came as a Prince of peace. That’s Christmas. Did you know that? I believe that. And that’s the reason I am in this war, at Christmastime and for life. 

I just hope that we all would really really reflect upon this message of Christmas as we now come closer and closer. Christmas is not supposed to be a time of war, but a time of peace. That’s why He came.

I just wish for myself, for you who might read this, and for those we meet, that it will be a  wonderful reality of this Christmas. 




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