Travelling Home for Christmas

21 Dec

Today I arrived back in Sweden from London for Christmas!!!

Because my wife is Swedish we have to decide which country to spend Christmas. The most diplomatic solution for newlywed couples for Christmas scheduling requires me to go to Rebecka’s home every other year. Thankfully it doesn’t really feel like duty.

My journey today reminded me of another young couple who because of duty had to make a journey. 2000 years ago Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem, Joseph’s ancestral home, to take part in the census.

Whilst Rebecka and I travelled in style with the luxurious Ryanair (for those reading from outside Europe Ryanair is low cost airline and luxury doesn’t come into it!), Joseph and Mary traditionally are thought to have come via donkey. Well I guess even Ryanair is more comfortable than that although then again there might be more leg room on a donkey!! The comparisons end there as Mary was also pregnant and as far I know my wife is not!

It’s safe to say lots of people will be making journeys in the next few weeks. Some long and some short. It also seems to me that there are increasing numbers of ‘Scruge’ characters around too. Fair enough – no-oner forces us to like Christmas. For many it’s not just the annoying Christmas music that upsets them or perhaps the duty to feel happy when you’re not, it’s the destination and situations that might be painful for some people.

But I hope whatever gift you wished for, scrub that, whatever gift you need be it happiness, joy, healing, forgiveness or restored relationships is yours this Christmas. And if you really need that iPad (insert top item that featured on the letter you wrote to Santa) then I hope that finds its way underneath the tree on Christmas morning. Unless you’re Swedish because it needs to be there on the 24th ready for opening!

Sometimes out of darkness light can come. For Christians and indeed many who are not sure quite where they stand with faith – they are grateful that Jesus was born. Now the challenge is to listen to him because he didn’t stay a baby for long.



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