My loving but broken heart .

22 Mar

So all you parents out there with the focus on blogging about being a parent:

How in the world do you manage?!

I have been thinking about this blogpost for over a month it seems like, and still haven’t managed to put it on print. It might be a scattered blogpost, but I still want to post my thoughts. Hope you follow a somewhat emotional mothers thoughts here…


I’m writing this as my 2 month old precious daughter is sleeping next to me. I can hear her breath. The sound of a sleeping baby is a beautiful sound, isn’t?

I believe babies look like they know something we don’t.

They look like they come straight from God.

They look at you like they have the experience of a 90 year old and yet they look at you with such innocence. It feels they look straight into your soul.


When my little daughter looks at me with those blue eyes, or when she smiles at me- I love her so much it hurts.

It’s a wonderful love to feel.

But it also leaves me with a little bit of sadness.


Why is that you might ask?


Well you see, when I look at her, and feel that strong love for her, I also realize:

This little newborn baby, coming straight from God, as I believe it- is totally depending on me and my love.

She is without chance if I don’t feed her, cuddles her and comfort her when she is sad.

If I leave her alone, she will not make it.

If I don’t feed her, she will die.

If I let her cry for hours without picking her up, she will sooner or later fail to believe I love her. She won’t trust me, or trust that her crying will make any difference.


She is totally depending on me.


She is only two months old, but already a little person with her own personality and will.

She is funny to be around.

She is an amazing little person, coming straight from God.

God gave me mandate to care for her. That’s a blessing. To love her and make sure she is taken care of, that’s a blessing. It’s not my right, it’s my blessing.

Her upbringing and the status of her childhood is depending on whether I take that blessing serious.

If she is to know she is loved- I need to show her love. If she is to know she is good enough- I need to tell her.

I know my daughter will be loved. By Kalle, and me and by wonderful friends and family around her. Thank you Jesus for that. She deserves it.


What make me sad are all children that don’t get the love that they deserve. After seeing my one child, so wonderfully created, being a little person only 2 month old- it hurts so bad, and makes me SO sad to think of all the children not being cared for. Not being loved.

It literally BREAKS my heart.

It breaks my heart I almost can’t stand the thought of thinking of them.

Children in poverty. Children without parents, children being abused, children being ignored, laughed at and children not being loved. Children literally dying because no one is feeding them, or because no one is loving them.

It’s cruel. It was not Gods intention.


Well, you might think- this is not something new exactly. And what different does it make to write about it?


It might be a naive thinking, but so let it be, but I believe we can NEVER let ONE child pass us by- whether it’s on TV or on the street, in our friends family or in our own without reacting and doing our very best to give that child what he or she deserves.


We must react. We must pray for our children being treated ill and injust.

We must cry for them to Jesus. We cannot let our hearts get numb.


Not one single child should be in this world not knowing he or she is of worth, is loved and wonderfully made.

So even if I almost can’t stand the thought of all mistreated children out there, I still want to say to Jesus- Break my heart for what breaks Yours.

And I believe His heart is all broken for them.


I know that I personally can not save them all. It’s not possible.

But I can promise myself I will never let my heart get numb for the fact that they are out there. Individuals. Wonderful created individuals just like my daughter. Coming straight from God. Mistreated.


I believe, we CAN make a difference. The dark has not won over the light, right?! That’s what the Bible says. That’s Jesus. That’s HOPE.

We can all make a difference. Pray for the children, smile at them, see them, listen to them, put them forward us, not behind us, not ignore them-  but LOVE them. 


They come straight from God and He gave us the mandate to love and care for them.


Jesus, break my heart for what break Yours, never let my heart get numb. 







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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I
    will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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