To be safe.

18 May

Hey. It’s been some time since I wrote. We have been moving to a new place- and moving with a baby is not just done in a minute I tell you! But with beautiful friends- everything is possible.

Today I just felt I wanted to update you on what’s going on in this mama/cadet-life. I want to tell you, because I am really happy, excited and inspired about something I am on to right now. In Salvation Army Sweden we have a policy and and an ethical guidance called “I Trygga Händer”. Translated into english that would be “In safe hands”. This guidance is addressed to all adults within Salvation Army working professional or voluntarily with children and youth. It’s purpose is to educate on how to prevent that abuse of various kind never is present within the Salvation Army. Not in institutions, not in corps, nowhere. It also includes an action plan if it does happen. This guidance also educates on how children react if they have been abused. This helps adults within Salvation Army to be aware and see children that might have been abused outside of the Salvation Army aswell.

Ok so right now I am working on updating this guidance, for the Swedish territory. I am updating statistics and developing the material in different ways. It’s a privilege for me to be able to be part of and work with this guidance, made and worked with by various women before me. 

I am really passionate about this. It is so important! We need to improve, always be updated and engaged in children of today. What are they exposed to? What is the world teaching them? What do we want to teach them?

As followers of Jesus we have to protect our children, educate them on their value, show them love. I believe we should see it as a privilege and honor that we get to be involved in so many children and young peoples lives. We need do our very best with that privilege.

I know that Salvation Army in more countries have similar guidelines and education programs. That’s very good.

But when it comes to children’s rights, and prevention from abuse among children- we can never read trough an educational guidance, take a course and get that feeling of being done.

“There, I have taken the course- I am done”. We are never done. This work has to be alive, always. We have to be on our toes, always alert. I really hope that every corps, institution, camp- well everywhere where we meet children within the Salvation Army should have this guidance and thinking before our eyes.

Ok, so that’s where I am. Inspired and excited! I am truly blessed to be able to be part of making children feel safe. That’s just what they should be. Safe.


Blessings/ Fanny


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