A Fathers Love.

19 Jun

For some time ago, on a Sunday Service, my corps officer and mentor during my officers training said something to me that has got stuck on my heart and soul.

See, he hoped for me that this time whilst being at home with my baby- I would get a little understanding of how much my heavenly Father loves me.

He hoped that my motherlove for my daughter would teach me about my Fathers love for me.

I’ve felt it, and thought about it so much.

This morning I looked into her eyes, and felt so much love for her it literally hurt inside. I love her so much.

And my reflection about this is:

– She does not have to perform one single bit to receive my love. And she doesn’t either. She doesn’t even understand the word perform. She just IS who she is. That is what I love. Her.

– I want to protect her with all I have and am. I want to make sure she doesn’t end up in anything bad. I want to make all evil go away and never touch her. I wish I could protect her from everything bad, from getting hurt and thinking bad about herself. But I can’t do that. That’s the deal. I don’t own her. She is not my belonging. Someday I have to set her free and let her choose her own way.

If she even chooses not to be with me, not listen to me, or not to stay in my ”lovezone”- I have to let her choose that. But still, I will love her to death, and pray for her, and hurt on my inside that she doesn’t want to be with me and let me love her.

I reflect upon that this must be how the Father loves EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. Just imagine. He loves us with an unfailing love. We don’t need to perform, he loves us for being just us. He loves us so much more intense and whole than I will ever be able to love my child.

Many of us have turned His back, chosen not to care about Him or not wanting to know Him. Many of us live our lives not even knowing that we are worthy to live worthy.

Imagine his broken heart when He sees his loved children lost and hurt ending up in bad situations that destroys body, heart and soul, turned away from Him.

Imagine Him seeing that.


This thinking has helped me so much.

It has helped me to understand how much I myself is loved. I still have a long way to go, in learning that. And I believe it is crucial to feel and understand that, if you are to love others.

You can’t love and serve other people out of performance for God. You have to love because you have been loved.

This also helps me when I am to look at others, with a strive to never allow myself to give up on anyone. The Lord loves every single one of us with an unfailing love, seeing what He intended us to be. He looks at every single of us with a smile on His face, so happy that we are here, just being who we are.

That knowledge, that I have also gotten a glimpse of feeling for another human being, needs to change something and mean something in all my relationships. When I meet my friends, family and enemies, and thoose I don’t know yet, that I will meet in my life as an officer. That is my big prayer today.

Bless/ FannyImage

One Response to “A Fathers Love.”

  1. Sarah August 1, 2013 at 7:51 pm #

    i gave birth to our gorgeous daughter 5 months ago and have had some very similar thoughts! It’s incredible how much I love her, and it blows my mind every time I think about the fact that as much as I love her, God loves me so much more. I’ve often struggled with understanding that reality, and being a mom has really helped me begin to understand God’s parenting heart towards me. Blessings on you as you raise your daughter and love others into the Kingdom!

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