The world day of social justice.

1 Mar

Two blogposts in one day! Isn’t that something. Thank you Ben for that post. Gods dream of a better world, yes!!

So what I am about to write has been on my heart for some days now, I just haven’t posted it. But maybe it is the right time and moment to post it now. I feel like it connects with what Ben just wrote in a way.

So, recently I’ve found myself, when on Facebook, not statusupdating so much about me, what I eat, what I do and so on, but rather just sharing things that at I see other people putting on their pages that I agree on. Often it’s something  that I am passionate about. Often it includes the word JUSTICE. You see I love justice.

For example I found a movie that someone shared with the name “a cry for justice”. I shared it and absolutely felt that I stood for the things the movie pointed out. I sometimes also share some important posts that Salvation army s international social justice commission puts out there. Always thoughtful, important messages about justice that I agree on.

Also a dear friend of mine reminded me, that a couple of days ago UN had called it to be the world day on social justice. Important. I should have shared that one if I knew. I didn’t. 

So my friend said, “you know since it is the world day on social justice, you should blog about that”. I think she wants me to blog more frequently and I can’t blame her can I..

I felt I agreed with her, I definitely should blog about this important day. I need to blog about social justice. I am passionate about social justice. Justice is so important. It’s biblical and Jesus was all about justice. 

So when I sat down to write something on this important day, that now is some days ago, I found myself just feeling a bit sick about the whole thing.

Don’t get me wrong- there is nothing wrong about advocacy. We need those shares on FB, we need to cry out what we believe in and hope for, about those important things that breaks our hearts.

So why did I feel sick? Well, it is because it is so easy that it stops right there; with us feeling we need to speak, read, write or talk about these important matters like social justice is. And it is quite easy, isn’t it? To sit in a sofa, sharing important statusupdates and then just keep on going with once life. I’m not saying we all do that. But I want to sound the alarm about that. To myself first of all.

It’s all good with speaking up and to advocate. But it’s very comfortable if that is the end of it. And I think we all need to reflect upon our own lives sometimes so that our words connects well with our actions.

When speaking on social justice- as far as I understand it, social justice is not a comfortable business. It’s not charity (which can be a quite comfortable business) it’s about changing your own lifestyle so that it affects others. It’s about walking and living side by side with others.

It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and asking yourself, what do I do, how do I live, what choices do I make, what relations do I have- that affect other peoples lives in a way that forces them into injustice? And by that identify patterns in your life that you need to change for the sake of others. That can be uncomfortable and maybe even hard sometimes. It should be easy, but ask yourself those questions and think wisely. We all will find answers we wish we wouldn’t find I think. 

In my heart I felt the importance and urge to start in my own backyard, looking myself in the mirror. And to speak in a blogpost about this. I want to live true and honest and my cry to God tonight is that He would help me to live wholehearted and holy in heart, thoughts and actions. My whole me need to speak the same words.

I believe if I want to be passionate about social justice continuously I need to combine my advocating with my own life choices. Be that change I want to see and see every social injustice as an individual person, knowing that every social injustice has a face.

So I will try and do that, reflect on my life and my choices. Take a good look at my own heart and actions, so that they work well together. And to prevent this post from being only words, my ambition is to follow up this post with yet another one, as an actionplan on what I need to do to be the change I want to see.  

 God bless!


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