#Earth to live on

1 Dec

In Genesis 1:26-28 it says that God blessed Adam and Eve and that He told them to fill the earth and subdue it, to govern it.

To subdue the earth – what does that mean?

It means to care for and foremost to be responsible for the earth that God created.

You could think that is a big and heavy responsibility for God to give to mankind.

But you could also look at it as a privilege.

I mean think about it.
God, and let me repeat: God, creates something amazingly beautiful. Yes, he creates the earth the most beautiful and creative way He can do, and then He gives us the privilege to manage this creation and to be responsible for what happens to it.

It is not ours. We cannot claim the earth to belong to us. God created it, so it is His, but he chooses to involve us in it. We get to subdue the earth and govern it. He wants that. God himself wants us to be invited into His creation. He wants us to be managers and co-creators, active in His creation.

That is huge.
I guess that the Earth must mean quite alot to our Father. So for Him to involve us and give us that much responsibility is extraordinary.
I mean, if I want to have a babysitter for my daughter for one night, I don’t ask anyone on the street to do it. No, I ask someone I trust, that I believe will take good care of her while I’m away. Someone that would give her comfort and make her feel safe. Someone as close as I could come to myself to be honest.

That must be how God reasoned when He gave Adam and Eve the instruction to subdue the Earth.
He trusted us to be the best to manage His creation.

Well, there is probably no surprise when I say that we have not taken this responsibility too serious. We misused His trust didn’t we?
Why is that?
A lot of people of today are not living in an active relationship with God. We see human kind, turned away from God, generation after generation.
We see people living for their own sake, doing their own thing, striving for money with little consideration for the environment, the climate, or the creation in any way.

People are living as if they owned the earth, not borrowing it from the Owner.

But even people in an active relationship with the Creator are not taking too much responsibility it seems.
This is my attempt to raise my voice, as a follower of Christ, living in an active relationship with the Creator, to say things needs to change. And I am definitely preaching to my own heart.

We are abusing this earth every day. It is like we are numb and blind to the fact that we are violating this earth that we are supposed to subdue and take care of, every day.
Global warming is a serious fact; we emit too much carbon dioxide the way we live currently.

If all people of this earth would live like we do in Sweden, three earths would be needed. Three.
So the fact that we live on resources we don’t actually have will push someone else to pay.
That is the poorer parts of the world and the most vulnerable and marginalized communities.
That makes it a political and ethical issue, and a justice issue. A human rights issue. This is serious.

This looks very dark, like a dead end.
But you know what?
I’m not writing this to tell you that it’s over, that there is no need to do anything or that we might as well give up and sit down and wait for better days to come.
No, things can change and you know why?
Because we are Salvation Army. We are soldiers in a war of love and hope.
We are foremost Christians. And there is no word in our vocabulary such as hopeless. We don’t believe in hopeless.
We can’t afford that.

William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army once said: “Making heaven on Earth, that is our business”.

And THAT is the truth, that is what we believe in, and what we are in the fight for.

And in heaven, there is no global warming. There are no poor people living in chains and boundaries so that rich people can live irresponsible for their own sake. There are no fossil fuels in heaven. In heaven we do not abuse creation, we don’t live like we don’t care about it. In heaven we subdue the earth, we govern it with respect and humility.
That is what we do in heaven.
So that is what we should do now.
Since, our job is to make heaven on earth now.

It matters how we live here and now.
It’s all about attitude.
We need to be responsible for the way we live as individuals, to be role models, to live like we learn because we believe that we are invited in to someone else’s creation.
And we are humble about that.
So we sort our milk cartons, we turn the light of when we go from home, we don’t buy cheap cotton sweaters or drink bad coffee or bananas because we love this earth and it’s people.
We don’t live passing on the bill to the next generation.
We don’t live like we own the place and couldn’t care less.

That’s not heaven on earth.
That’s not justice at all.
That’s not a humble way of living.
And that won’t give us an earth to live on, and we want that don’t we?

Yes, and at last.
Yesterday started the big climate conference in Paris #cop21
Join me in prayer for climate justice over this beautiful creation.


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